Big Daddy Kane- Nuff’ Respect


From Juice OST
Sick Lyrics
Enter the dragon, as I start, to braggin and taggin
And sayin Im baggin all rappers on the bandwagon
Feel the fury of a renegade, well men I slayed
So send the aid, cause I penetrate
Bein the best up, with lyrics I dress up, so dont even mess up
Or try to press up, its better to fess up
Cause if a rapper ever goes too far man
I start to screamin on mcs like tarzan
So witness the glare when I appear
Nonell compare, so take a seat in the rear
Child, you gotta understand, you just the man
Sittin next to the man, sittin next to the man, sittin next to the man
And no one friar comes higher than the messiah
Sparkin the mic like a live wire til I retire
Whatever the comp is I burn em like fire
With all the blow, I hit em hard like.. pi-yah
So take your hand and fold cause this is total control
And no one grabs a hold, huh
You got somethin to say, before its told
If you speakin on me, you better hablo espanol
Cause I aint tryin to have none of the penty-ante
Mumble jumble kick yak, you better get back
Clear the way when you see me comin through
Back up and bow, nuff respect due..

Uhh, I come down and put my weight on it
Drop somethin straight on it, and sound great on it
Parties erupt, and stages corrupt
I pour like a quart in a cup, worrrrrrrd up
I g-e-t the j-o-b done
Makin the young boys say, daddy I dont want none
You puttin the man to a boy, before I can even destroy
I played him like a toy — heavens to merkatroid!
Check my modus operandi
Those who know my name know I aint about games
I go beyond knockin em out the box
You wanna be a comedian? aight, wheres redd foxx?
So if I want you, believe Im gonna get you
I wouldnt give a damn if tony terry was witchu
So when I come in the same place as my enemy
They all start runin like their name was sheer energy
I wont say what you are but Ill hit you
Youre found on a woman and a penis goes in you
Another clue, your first letters are p-u
Act like you know boy, nuff respect due..

Uhh, put in rotation, better than creation, with acceleration
My vocabulary is very
Clever like a trick hand, sinkin em like quicksand
Makin the competition feel like they need a kickstand
To support what they thought wouldve brought them
Some type of victory, but none of them could get with me
You better never act new
Huh, nuff respect due..

Date: June 9, 2019

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